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Coin prediction – Ask a spectator how much is in a handful of change, they say £2.57, when you display it there is £1.64 (or whatever) You then go on to predict what coin they will finish with, whether its heads or tails and for the finale, you reveal that you had predicted £2.57 too. (No PW)
Dead cut prediction – a freely thought-of card is written on the back of the Jokers
Anniversary in my pocket – my take on the classic effect Anniversary waltz
Upper hand – a cool 4 for 4 transposition card effect
Cut, stop, think – a card routine that predicts exactly what card spectators will stop at, cut to and think of.
Stop and think – a slightly shorter version of the above, different method and a real worker
Drawn – previously under the radar in a limited run booklet super commercial card routine that leaves your spectator with a brilliant souvenir
Re-drawn – a different take on the above

Coin to anywhere – what it says on the tin
Mental coins – a great idea by Gary Jones a freely predicted number on a coin
Card at almost any number – total magician fooler, I’ve also included a kicker ending previously unpublished that makes it much more commercial
Locked, marked and reloaded – in my first book there is a routine called “marked cards” this is an evolution of that, much more commercial.
A freely named card – you bring out 2 jokers from your pocket and it is written on the backs (as direct as that)
Stickman Stan – a really commercial routine that leaves the spectator with a brilliant souvenir, great for kids as well as adults.
Turbo card – turbo stick meets a card trick. Visual fast-paced magic
Hopping lemon – a walk-around coin routine that has a “chop cup” feel to it, they never see the ending coming!

Destination amazed – a prediction effect using business cards. Predict a freely thought of holiday destination.
Thanks to Dave – using 4 pieces of a ripped-up card, it changes into a selected card 1 piece at a time.
Comedy card to wallet (prop included)
52 on 1 kickback thingy – A 52 on 1 card changes into a thought of card
Lucky card – card in lanyard (previously on my ATT lecture, I have added different handlings as well as the original to remove the use of the gimmicks).
Gambit – a really nice coin prediction effect using a gaff you will already own
GMT – a quick impromptu card trick from Gary Jones
Whoops – when the spectator signs the back of the card by mistake you now have a routine to go straight into.
Dr Daleys Mystery – from a shuffled pack Dr. Daleys last trick meets “mystery card”

PLUS 2 essays on performing close-up magic at events, dealing with Alpha males, pocket management, approaching a table, and much more.


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Five Star Reviews

“Shouldn’t really post this but, just did an effect from Chris’s new book over zoom for a private party. Killed em. Thanks Chris”
David Taylor
“Chris is genuinely one of the most creative magicians in the world. But what makes Chris so unique is that his creations are actually designed to be worked in the real world. Whether you are an amateur, hobbyist, semi-professional or professional magician this is the book you absolutely want to buy.
Craig Petty
“I’ve just read Curiouser and Curiouser by Chris Congreave and it is freaking brilliant! The book is packed with commercial hard-hitting magic, plus tips and advice on working all types of venues”
Gary Jones